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Winter, Fritz - Ohne Titel
Winter, Fritz
Ohne Titel
Oil on cardboard, firmly laminated on a cardboa..., 1950

Post-Auction Sale  11.000 EUR
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Thieler, Fred - Darunter Rot
Thieler, Fred
Darunter Rot
Mixed media on canvas, 1988

Post-Auction Sale  10.000 EUR
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Schumacher, Emil - G-1/1960
Schumacher, Emil
Gouache, 1960

Starting bid  9.000 EUR
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Hoehme, Gerhard - Erstaunte Fantasie
Hoehme, Gerhard
Erstaunte Fantasie
Mixed media, 1979

Starting bid  7.200 EUR
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Gaul, Winfred - Ohne Titel (1-4-58-2)
Gaul, Winfred
Ohne Titel (1-4-58-2)
Oil on canvas, 1958

Starting bid  6.000 EUR
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Winter, Fritz - Ohne Titel
Winter, Fritz
Ohne Titel
Oil, 1931

Starting bid  5.000 EUR
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Cavael, Rolf - No 69/Mi2
Cavael, Rolf
No 69/Mi2
Oil on canvas, 1969

Starting bid  3.250 EUR
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